Truth is not Ice Cream and

Faith is not Wishing

Presented by Gregory Koukl

Author, Radio Host, and Founder and President of Stand to Reason

Two misunderstandings both outside and inside the church threaten to make our Christian views completely irrelevant. In a relativistic age, we are tempted to think of religion and morality the way we think of ice cream—we choose what we like instead of what is true. We are also tempted to think of faith as a kind of religious wishful thinking that reduces religion to a mere “feel good” placebo.

In this talk, Greg brings clarity to both of these core elements of Christianity. First, he describes how the notion of truth has fallen on hard times (“There is no truth”), and how to clarify that for followers of Jesus there is a difference between believe and make-believe.

Second, Greg describes why he thinks the English word “faith” has become too distorted for any productive use and should be abandoned for a more accurate—and biblical—alternative. He then demonstrates, using verses from throughout the Scripture, why biblical faith is no leap, but rather an informed step of trust.

This is a talk that makes crystal clear distinctions that are central not only for evangelism, but also for a solid and secure walk with Jesus.

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