“Evil, Pain and Suffering…what’s that all about God?”


Presented by Todd Funk

Todd will be speaking on one of the hardest questions we ask as Christians. The number one reason people lose their faith or refuse to come to faith resides in this topic. In this important talk, Todd will dissect the topic and try to make some sense of it and offer some “answers” for those pondering this crucial question.

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About Todd Funk

Unique, inspiring, helpful…awesome, have been words used by many in describing Todd’s presentations. Because Todd has somewhat of an eclectic mix of gifts, interests and experience, his delivery is quite unique…especially in the “apologetics world”. He has a science background (BS. Biological Science University of California Irvine) and a love for knowledge and truth. Ten years as a public high school science teacher coupled with his years of experience doing youth camps, preaching and even weekly Bible-in-School programs has forged Todd into sought after communicator who knows how to engage diverse audiences.