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Brendan Malone

Director of LifeNET NZ & Speaker for Thinking Matters

Brendan has been working full-time in pro-life, marriage, and family ministry for the last 14 years where he speaks at churches, universities, high schools, and conferences on bioethics and sexuality issues throughout New Zealand and Australia.  During that time he has delivered over 500 presentations, and spoken to more than 30,000 people. He is one of the founders of ACTIV8 Pro-Life Training Week – an annual philosophy, apologetics, and media/social-media training event for young adults which has been running for 10 years in New Zealand and over 7 years in Australia. He is married to Katie and they have five children. Brendan also has a background in communications and media training, and he regularly connects with people in the online space via his YouTube channel which has approximately 20,000 subscribers.

Brendan’s Talks at Confident Christianity 2021

Abortion and Human Rights: Making the Case for Life

Media and The Making of The Modern Mind

The Courage to be Countercultural: Living the Gospel in a Hostile Culture