Why Trust the Bible? How Philosophy, Science, History and Life Point to the Authority of Scripture


Presented by Mark Powell

Is the Bible God’s revelation to us of His nature, character, purposes and will as worked out through history and humanity or is it just an ancient story book? How do we make sense of it? Is there a way of properly interpreting it and can we know with reasonable certainty what God is saying through it?

Mark will share why we have good reason from philosophy, science, history, life and the human condition, to believe it is uniquely inspired and authoritative. He will then provide a simple approach to how we an interpret what it says.

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About Mark Powell

Mark is a well known business person in New Zealand having formerly been CEO of the Warehouse Group, one of New Zealand’s largest companies. He is also a qualified pastor, with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Theology from Carey Theological College and an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University in the U.S. Mark speaks regularly in churches and conferences throughout New Zealand and he has designed and taught a credited course in Apologetics as part of the Theology Degree at Carey Theological College.