Tough Doubts, Real Faith – Is God an Imaginary Friend, or a Real One?


Presented by Ann Hutchison

As an academic at the University of Auckland, Ann was completely disinterested in faith, when in her late thirties she unexpectedly found herself encountering God.

At first doubts came easily; she was surrounded by atheism, her husband wasn’t thrilled, and there was a cost to be counted. But her intellectual journey – full of questions – kept leading her back to one place: Jesus Christ. Through some of her toughest stories, she will share tools for facing the hardest of questions and coming out with courage!

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About Ann Hutchison

After building a career in human resource management Ann discovered academia in her early thirties and became hooked on research.  As a past HR practitioner, her research has a practical bent, aimed at serving the HR profession. Her research focuses on some core areas of HR delivery: recruitment and selection, staff development, reward and performance management, with a particular context of interest: senior executives. She is also particularly interested in supervising masters or PhD students who wish to conduct research on the senior-executive context.