The Fantastic Ferrari Factory: How Science Strongly Points to the Existence of God


Presented by Bruce Fraser

Where did this Universe come from? Some prominent scientists have argued that it is the product of a Universe generating factory and therefore God is not required. Is this a testable truth claim? We will investigate two of the most powerful evidences for God and see how science strongly points to the existence of God. We will also seek to understand how we can respect the scientists who make these claims while still rejecting their conclusions.

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About Bruce Fraser

Bruce is a Software Architect, lay Pastor, husband, father. He spent several years learning apologetics from good friends Mike Licona, Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood and Mary Jo Sharp, while living in the U. S. There he learned much about the arguments and demeanour that best communicate the Great News of Jesus to those hostile to Christianity, presenting the truth of Jesus in a way that is gentle and respects their intellect.

Bruce was a Software Engineer in the U.S., until an opportunity propelled him to leave the U. S. for missions work in Kenya. There he met and married his Kiwi wife Lee. A year later, they moved to New Zealand and they now have two primary school boys who love maths and science. Bruce & Lee are passionate about seeing people love God and loving others well, inside and outside the church.