Sponsored Tickets

What is a Sponsored Ticket?

We recognize that Conferences can be a large expense and Thinking Matter’s Conference’s price structure is designed to ultimately break-even on Conference expenses. However, we do not want the price to restrict anyone from attending the Conference, as we believe the tools presented can help all Christians better navigate the culture, and defend their faith. Therefore, we offer a limited amount of Conference tickets at a discounted rate, subsidised by the generous donations of other.

How Much Do Sponsored Tickets Cost?

A Sponsored ticket costs only $20 – enough for Thinking Matters to cover the fixed cost of a ticket: that is lunch, program printing and minor admin costs.

If an entire family would like to participate, they can, for only $20 per member, that’s $80 for the average family.

How Do I Get a Sponsored Ticket?

Fill out the form below and submit it, you will be emailed a single use code that will allow you to buy tickets for $20 each.