This is really simple

  1. Select your Conference City
  2. Click the Buy Now button – you will be directed to our events portal to process the payment
  3. Select your first family members meal option and ticket type.
  4. Click the black Book Ticket button
  5. A faint green box will appear at the top saying “Confident Christianity Conference 2021 | [Your City]” has been added to your cart.” That is the first family member done!
  6. Repeat this for the next three family members – remember, you can ONLY have either two adults and two students or one adult and three students for the discount to apply
  7. Now that all four family members have been added you can click ‘View cart’
  8. You will see the four family members tickets added to the cart specifying each persons preferences and you will notice a coupon discount will be automatically added to the cart – be careful NOT to click remove!
  9. You can now proceed to the checkout where you can attach a name to each persons ticket!