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Dave Mann

Director Shininglights Trust, & The Hope Project NZ

Dave is a creative communicator with a vision to see an understanding of the Christian faith continuing, and also being valued, in the public square in Aotearoa-New Zealand. He has innovated numerous conversational resources for churches, the most well-known of which is the ‘Hope Project’ — a nationwide multimedia project (booklets to most NZ homes, public TV ads, web media) timed for Easter. The project is purposed to help open conversation between church and non-church people about Christianity and its significant place in our bicultural and wider ‘values’ history as a nation. 

Dave is the author of various books and booklets including “Because we care”, “That Leaders might last”, “The Elephant in the Room” and “In One Spirit.” He is also the producer various concise Christian equipping, teaching and other video series. 

For education he is additionally the producer of the ‘Chronicles of Paki’ illustrated novel series which narrates portions of our nation’s early bicultural history (biographical and other), and is to be found schools, libraries and churches throughout our nation. On radio he narrates the ‘A minute in history’ series, telling stories about the background of many of our nation’s most treasured values. 

Dave is married to Heather. Together they have four boys and live in Tauranga.

Dave’s Talks at Confident Christianity 2021

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