As Christian apologists, it’s not enough simply to know facts, statistics and arguments – we also need to make the truths we share come alive in relevant and powerful ways. We seek to captivate our audience not only by the truth, but also the beauty of the Christian message.

Our SPEAK UP Persuasive Communication Workshops are for those who want to teach apologetics and worldview in captivating and persuasive ways. We want to help you become a more compelling, confident and engaging communicator – so you can more effectively teach others to reach people with the truth of Christianity.

These workshops will be held on Friday afternoons just before the opening of our Confident Christianity Conferences in Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland and Tauranga – and include dinner with our conference speakers.

Please note: If you attended SPEAK UP last year, Todd will be presenting the same workshop this year.


WHAT: Teaching workshops on public speaking.
WHO IT’S FOR: Anyone who does public speaking/teaching or desires to do so… especially with apologetics or worldview content.
WHEN & WHERE3-5 pm before our Confident Christianity Conferences:

TICKETS: $25 for the Workshop & Dinner as an add-on to a full Confident Christianity Conference ticket (this training is subsidized by your full conference ticket so you need a conference ticket to attend the workshop).

INCLUDES: Workshop notes AND join our conference team at our pre-conference dinner where you’ll get to meet and chat with our conference speakers.

REGISTER: When you buy your Confident Christianity Conference Ticket

* If you have already registered for the conference, then drop us an email if you want this workshop to be added to your existing ticket.

Thinking Matters Speaking Team

As a side benefit – Thinking Matters is also seeking to identify new speakers who are serious about becoming persuasive apologetics speakers.  We want to get to know you at these workshops with a view of expanding our speaking team. These workshops could lead to opportunities to speak at our events and be on our list of recommend speakers for churches, youth groups and other ministries. To learn more about the Thinking Matters ministry visit www.ThinkingMatters.org.nz/about

Hosted by:

Todd Funk

Thinking Matters Speaker Development Director

Unique, inspiring, helpful…awesome, have been words used by many in describing Todd’s presentations. Because Todd has somewhat of an eclectic mix of gifts, interests and experience, his delivery is quite unique…especially in the “apologetics world”.  He has a science background (BS. Biological Science University of California Irvine) and a love for knowledge and truth. Ten years as a public high school science teacher coupled with his years of experience doing youth camps, preaching and even weekly Bible-in-School programs has forged Todd into sought after communicator who knows how to engage diverse audiences.

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